Network Appliance Data Protection Exam 7G

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NetApp unified storage architecture provides you with the most flexible and scalable storage and data management platform in the industry. Our innovative solutions deliver new alternatives to expand possibilities for you.

All NetApp storage systems are configured with our Data ONTAP operating system. A single process for activities such as installation, provisioning, mirroring, backup, and upgrading is used throughout our entire product line. Having a single set of software and processes brings unrivaled simplicity to your complex enterprise data management.

Unifying storage and data management software and processes reduces the complexity of data ownership, enables you to adapt to changing business conditions without interruption, and results in a dramatic reduction of your total cost of ownership.

Choose which one of the following is not recommended as a secondary system for SnapVault.
A. F880
B. NearStore R200
C. F700 series
D. FAS900 series
Answer: C

Choose from the following the user-controllable security mechanism which is built into OSSV.
A. QSM access list modifiable via svconfigurator
B. MD5 based authentication between SnapVault primary and secondary, with changeable password
C. Contents inside a file called access and located in OSSV <installdir>/snapvault/etc
D. Via /etc/hosts.equiv file
Answer: A

We offer Demo version of Q&A, Q&A are as follows (not to provide picture):

NS0-131: please download NS0-131 in Software format Demo
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Network Appliance Data Protection Exam 7G - NS0-101, Network Appliance NACA Certification Exam-Killtest

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