NetApp delivers certified Fibre Channel (FC) Fabric TapeSAN backup solutions

[ 2009-07-10 11:24:27 | Author: Admin ]
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Open Storage Networking
NetApp has a strategy for delivering the best storage networking product solutions in the industry. We have a deep commitment to the integral technologies as well as a deep expertise in these technologies. We strongly believe that our vision of what storage networking means to customers—as well as the inherent capabilities of our company—is what makes us an industry leader. This is an exciting movement forward for both NetApp and our customers, since we are already embedded into the key solutions customers choose today as well as into the future.

What is storage networking? What is Open Storage Networking (OSN)?
Storage networking allows companies to deliver data anywhere, any way, in any quantity, anytime, and any type of data...with data that is always available. Open means that companies can construct best-of-breed solutions that can easily incorporate legacy equipment as well as new and emerging technologies. Standards are the essence of open systems, meaning that companies can utilize and leverage their existing staff and skills base, current installed base of equipment, software, and management tools, as well as benefit from an extremely large and diverse base of mature suppliers to ensure that these companies can focus on their business problems and initiatives rather than guessing about which emerging technology to deploy.
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